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Thursday, February 20, 2020
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Northrop Grumman ‘go’ to launch its 13th Cygnus cargo ship for NASA Sunday – Space.com

WALLOPS ISLAND, Va. — The number 13 may have a bad wrap among the superstitious, but Northrop Grumman is taking it in stride as the company prepares to launch its 13th Cygnus cargo flight to the International Space Station on Sunday (Feb. 9).  "There's no su…

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NASA’s Juno corrects a 25-year-feeble misconception about Jupiter – Inverse

Some 4.5 billion years ago, gravity pulled swirling gas and dust together to form a giant planet more than twice as massive as all other planets in the Solar System — Jupiter.And, unlike the other planets, Jupiter formed from the leftover material that created the Sun. Shrouded in its gaseous layers are secrets of the Solar…

MIT Proposes Modern Plans for Deflecting Killer Asteroids – Futurism

February 19th 20__Dan Robitzski__Filed Under: Hard ScienceCorner PocketA team of MIT scientists has a new plan to prevent cataclysmic asteroid impacts — and it boils down to a precise game of cosmic billiards.The scientists suggest that they could nudge killer asteroids off course well in advance, rather than hoping that some last-minute attempt — think…

The arena by the eyes of 1 photographer

(CNN) — Whether traveling through the vast floodplains of Africa or Thailand's lush mangrove forests, when photographer Michael Poliza explores the world, he practices one principle: take nothing but pictures and leave nothing but footprints.Over the last two decades, Poliza has traveled to almost 180 countries to capture vibrant and spirited photos focused on intimate…

Why we prefer to have an even time social entrepreneurs

Athe end of 2019 I had the chance to participate to Unleash as a “ mentor”. Unleash is an amazing program gathering hundreds of social entrepreneurs building social startups in a week, to address the Sustainable Development Goals.At this event something became clear, the tools used to support for profit or even mixed non/for profit…

10 teams draw shut Aarohan Social Innovation Awards

The Infosys Foundation on Wednesday felicitated winners of the second edition of the ‘Aarohan Social Innovation Awards 2019’, which recognise and reward individuals, teams, and NGOs for creating innovative solutions to support the underprivileged and marginalised in India.Five teams won the ‘Gold Award’ with a prize of ₹20 lakh for each team. The ‘Silver Award’…
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